WCS CEO, Wes Mollno, Featured in American Cranes & Transport

The July 2020 issue of American Cranes & Transport Magazine includes an in-depth Q&A with WCS Permits & Pilot Cars’ CEO & President, Wes Mollno.

WCS CEO, Wes Mollno, Featured in American Cranes & Transport

The two-page spread in the Business News section highlights Mollno’s impact on the specialized transport industry.

Mollno shares how he has remained inspired since he started WCS in 1998, and how he overcomes change in the industry, including challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Futhermore, Mollno goes into detail about the technology the company has developed over the years. WCS has published several apps including the Permit Portal app for instant text notifications when permits are available, as well as an online permit manual and oversize fee calculator called the Oversize Load Assistant, and an online permit portal for complete permit account management and online ordering.

“We work hard to develop tools that make it easier for our customers to do business,” said Mollno in the article. “When you do something that makes a job easier for someone, they’re going to tell their friends about it.”

The interview sums up in referencing WCS Permits as a one-stop shop in the industry. The company’s online equipment sales of oversize load products, coupled with the tools and technology they put at the fingertips of their clients in addition to oversize load permits, pilot cars and trip & fuel permits, is what Mollno believes makes WCS an all-inclusive service to the trucking industry.

Read the full interview titled, “A visionary,” in the July digital issue (page 16-17) of AC&T Mag.

Q&A with New WCS Transportation Consultant, Stara Kuhn

At WCS Permits & Pilot Cars, we hire quality people who bring value to our business and work family, which is why we have such a strong team.

Q&A with New WCS Transportation Consultant, Stara Kuhn

Today we are featuring our newest Transportation Consultant, Stara Kuhn, who joined the WCS team in June. Stara brings 18 years of permitting experience to the company and discusses her career journey in the Q&A below.

What is Your Experience in the Oversize Transport Permitting Industry?

I worked for Keen Transport for 18 years as a Permit Specialist. I was hired on young and was looking for something permanent, and as soon as I got into the industry I knew it was permanent. The oversize transport industry is an industry where it either clicks or it doesn’t, and it immediately clicked for me. I mostly permitted heavy loads hauling construction equipment, including 13-axle loads, sometimes bigger.

What do you love most about the industry?

I just love coming to work! I love the challenge that you face each and every day. You could be in the industry for 100 years and you still learn new things and will never absolutely know everything.

What led you to your position at WCS?

I felt a little stuck in a rut and wanted a change. I knew I had much more to offer as my knowledge had expanded over the years in this industry. I am fast and efficient which is a huge quality that I was recognized for, and I was ready for a change. I had lots of ideas and wanted to share them, and it was time so I took the leap. After 18 years, I went back to look for work, which was scary, but I applied for the position at WCS Permits and here I am.

What is your role at WCS?

I am a Transportation Consultant and will be helping customers with oversize load permits. When you’re obtaining permits for oversize loads you also have to help customers along the way with different rules and regulations, routing and any issues that come up, so I’m excited to be helping customers with the whole process.

What will a typical day look like for you once you settle into your role at WCS?

Once I finish training, I will be in the WCS permit portal every day ordering permits for customers. I’ll be working with various customers and look forward to working on whatever project or challenge comes my way.

What is unique about working at WCS?

At WCS, everyone is so welcoming and so willing to help explain anything. If I have a question, someone immediately picks up a phone and helps me. People are genuine, you think that doesn’t exist, but then you see it here and that motivates you. I have not been this happy in years!

What do you find most challenging about your role at WCS?

Every day is a challenge in the oversize load industry. Every load you permit is unique and each load will pose its own challenge. You just have to always be up for it and remain ready to problem solve.

What do you like to do for fun?

I have three daughters and three dogs, and they keep me busy. Between the six of them and my other half, I am pretty much booked up. I have 14-year-old twins and a 17-year-old that keep me involved in their school activities and volleyball. When I am not running around with them, I enjoy having a little bit of peace and quiet. We sneak away to the beach for a long weekend whenever we can.

WCS Permits Adds Another Transportation Consultant to the Team

Ada Kelley is the newest Transportation Consultant at WCS Permits & Pilot Cars.

WCS Permits Adds Another Transportation Consultant to the Team

The company welcomed Kelley to the team in May after she transitioned from a management position with a nationwide open deck carrier.

Kelley will use her industry knowledge and over 20 years of experience in oversize transport and permitting to assist WCS customers with routing and obtaining oversize/overweight load permits.

We sat down with Kelley to learn more about her and her industry experience.

Tell us about your career journey, and what led you to WCS Permits?

I started in the trucking industry with my father-in law’s logging trucking business. I was only doing the bookkeeping at the time. In 1998, my family and I moved to Montana and I started working for a local open deck and van freight company. After 5 years, I transferred to another open deck carrier and was there for 15 years. I started writing permits, and over time I was promoted to Manager of Regulatory Compliance and ran the permit department. During those years, I built some great relationships with state officials, permit agencies like WCS, and got involved with the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA). In 2018, I was even featured by the International Cranes and Specialized Transport Magazine as a prominent woman in the industry. After leaving the last company I was with, I contacted Wes and came on board. The timing was right and WCS was very busy, so I started almost immediately.

What do you love about the oversize transport industry?

It’s contained chaos. That’s what our jobs are working in this field, but I really enjoy it. We work with loads of all different sizes that need to travel to different places and it can be hectic. I always say, I love anything big and ugly. I enjoy a challenge and love to plan, map and route.

Fill in the blank. To be successful in the oversize load permit industry, one should be________________.

Patient! You have to be patient and want to interact with a lot of different people and situations. You also have to be very organized, or you might not have all good days.

What is your favorite aspect of work life at WCS Permits?

All of it! I really love it here at WCS Permits. Everyone has been so welcoming, and people are very helpful when there’s a problem or question. It’s definitely a solid team here. I really like the WCS Online Permit Portal, too. It’s a great system and I look forward to learning more as I help customers with loads and permits.

What is the most challenging aspect about the industry?

Non-uniformity or harmonization among states. I have been to every single Transportation Symposium and appreciate what the SC&RA does to try and achieve this. Some great progress has been made, but there’s more to accomplish.

How do you spend your free time away from work?

I have been happily married for almost 24 years. I have one son, he’s a welder who lives in Colorado, and enjoy spending time with him when I can. My husband and I also love to get outside; camp, ride our side-by-sides and enjoy the outdoors.

WCS Welcomes New Hire, Jeanette Duncan

Jeanette Duncan is a newly hired transportation consultant at WCS Permits & Pilot Cars. She will work closely with WCS customers to write and obtain permits while meeting each load’s unique challenges. Learn more about Jeanette in the Q&A below!

WCS Welcomes New Hire, Jeanette Duncan

What is your background & experience in the oversize load industry?   

I worked for the State of Virginia for six years. At the time, the state had an open position and it took off from there. Initially I was a contractor and that transitioned into a full-time position issuing permits. After a year as a full-time employee, I started training other employees on permits. After two years, I was mostly doing superloads. As I became more experienced, I also became the overall go-to person for everyone at VDOT, including management, for superloads and permits.  

What led you into this field of work?

I was at a time where I was looking for a new position and entering the oversize transport industry allowed me to learn more about geography here in the U.S. I loved learning about all the new places based on where someone was delivering a load.

What do you do for WCS Permits & Pilot Cars?

As a Permit Writer (Transportation Consultant) I will be working with customers and state agencies to help route and obtain permits for oversize loads and down the road, superloads.  

What are you most looking forward to in your career with WCS?

I love a challenge and while some routes can be repetitive, there will always be those loads where there is an issue in a route which you have to work through. I also love all the detail that goes into coordinating and moving large loads. So, I’m excited to work through these challenges and unique projects with new people and I hope to take on more challenges like working with the superload department.

How do you spend your time when you are not writing permits?

I am a big family person. Together, my husband and I have 4 kids and we are going on 10 grandkids. We love going to our grandkids’ baseball games, the beach and amusement parks. Sometimes on my lunch break, I go outside and throw the ball around with the grandkids.

WCS to Exhibit at CONEXPO

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars has another trade show on the list for 2020, CONEXPO-CON/AGG.

The five-day show at the Las Vegas Convention Center will give WCS a chance to introduce its services and technology to more businesses in the trucking and crane and rigging industries.

WCS Permits just wrapped up the SCRA Transportation Symposium in Charlotte last month. At that show, WCS President, Wes Mollno, spoke about the future of permitting including a new system by WCS and its development team, Integrated Permitting.

The system allows for all permits to be stored in one organized and simplified back end for companies who manage and order some of their own oversize permits, as well as order from a permit agency such as WCS. It provides the accountability, compliance and transparency businesses need.

Permits processed by WCS’ permit department are also sent directly to drivers via text message which link to WCS’ free Permit Portal app. Within the app, earache available permit can be viewed, printed or emailed, and is automatically paired with any required permit attachments.

This technology and more, WCS also manages an in-depth online permit manual and oversize fee calculator, will be on display.

WCS also offers truck safety equipment from oversize load signs to lighting to safety apparel, some of which will be available to see at the booth.

Swing by the bronze hall and say hi to team WCS at booth B92224. WCS will be amongst 2,300 other exhibitors.

The show runs March 10 – 14. For more show information, click here.

WCS Permits to Focus on Tech at Transportation Symposium

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars will again be attending and exhibiting at the SC&RA (Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association) Transportation Symposium, this year with an even greater focus on the company’s technology, including their mobile apps and a new permitting system.

WCS Permits to Focus on Tech at Transportation Symposium

Once again, WCS will be participating both as an exhibitor and as an SC&RA Transportation Symposium sponsor. 

During exhibiting day on Thursday, Feb. 20 from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., WCS will showcase its services and line-up of technology, including its newest app, The Permit Portal which sends instant text notifications once oversize permits are approved and automatically links required permit provisions with each available permit. The team will also give live demos of the Oversize Load Assistant, which includes an oversize permit fee calculator and an online permit manual with various permit info including pilot car regulations, overweight allowances and night and weekend travel.

The permit portal app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. 

Of course, the WCS team will give demos of the company’s online permit portal where clients can order permits, duplicate past orders and search for order history by several variations of search criteria. This year, the team has a new section of the program to unveil which will help companies achieve a more organized process for managing and tracking permits in real time.

WCS will be at booth no. 37 showcasing its services, technology and some of the equipment sold online via the company web store, including oversize load signs, safety apparel, pilot car equipment and more. 

The company’s CEO, Wes Mollno will be speaking on Wednesday, February 19 during the session, What the Future Holds: Permitting in 2030. Mollno will be talking about the evolution of the permitting industry, including his take on the future and how some of the technology he has developed, and plans to develop, will shape the future of the industry.


The transportation symposium attracts industry leaders and transportation officials to discuss many topics, including oversize load permits, permit policies, pilot cars, how technology is changing the oversize transport industry and more. The four-day symposium includes speakers in various roles in the industry from state officials to company CEOs. 

Click here to view the complete show schedule and more details.


In business since 1998, WCS Permits has grown to be North America’s oversize load authority with five offices nationwide, including Corporate Headquarters in Los Angeles, California, plus two Ohio locations, New York and Tennessee. With over 60 permit agents (including Spanish speaking permit agents), WCS is the national leader when it comes to super load permitspilot car dispatching, trip & fuel permits, route surveys and equipment sales, in addition to the everyday workload of oversize load permitsContact Us Online now or call us at (888) 737-6483 to see how WCS Permits & Pilot Cars can help you!

WCS Permits to Focus on Tech at Transportation Symposium

2020 will be a busy year for the WCS Permits’ staff with several trade shows and symposiums on the calendar, including guest speaking and sponsorship.

WCS to Showcase Services at Several Shows in 2020

To kick off the year, WCS Permits & Pilot Cars will be involved in a customer event showcasing products and services to owner-operators from across North America.

One of the main products to showcase at all events includes the Permit Portal app. The app allows for instant text message notifications as soon as permits are approved and ready to be downloaded and shared. Drivers and dispatchers across North America have opted in to receive instant automated text message notifications when oversize permits are approved. The latest version of the app, took it a step further and links all required attachments with state and local permits.

The Permit Portal app has been live on both the App Store and Google Play for almost a year and has stellar reviews for its simplicity.

Specialized Transportation Symposium

Then it’s straight to the 2020 SC&RA Transportation Symposium in Charlotte, NC Tuesday, Feb. 18 – Friday, Feb. 21 where hundreds of heavy haul peers across the OS/OW industry gather to communicate about the industry’s latest products, services, challenges and perks. Individuals involved in various aspects of the specialized transportation industry gather, from permit agents to pilot car operators to heavy haul operations managers.

WCS Permits participates both as an exhibitor and as a symposium sponsor. 

During exhibiting day on Thursday, Feb. 20 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., WCS will showcase its services, including OS/OW permits, pilot car dispatching, logistics consulting and truck safety equipment.

The WCS team will also demonstrate the Oversize Load Assistant, which includes a look into the online permit manual and the Permit Calculator which estimates oversize fees. Demos of the company’s online permit portal – the WCS Permit Portal – will show customers how they can use the program to quickly re-order permits and find what they need by searching different sets of criteria such as origin, destination, height, width, object and more.

WCS President & CEO, Wes Mollno will also be a speaker at the 2020 event. Mollno will be one of several speakers that will discuss future changes to the permitting industry, including how technology in the industry will influence the next decade.


WCS will be an exhibitor at CONEXPO-CON/AGG – North America’s largest construction trade show March 10-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

WCS will be at booth #B92224 meeting construction professionals representing asphalt, lifting, mining, utilities and more.


For the second year, WCS will be at a 10′ x 20′ booth at the Mid-America Truck Show (MATS) in Louisville, KY March 26-28.

With over 650 exhibitors and 70,000 plus anticipated attendees, including owner-operators, truck drivers and ops managers, WCS will maximize the reach of its products and services.


WCS will again participate as an exhibitor at the nation’s largest project cargo and breakbulk industry trade show, Breakbulk Americas in Houston, Texas September 29 – October 1.

More About WCS Permits & Pilot Cars

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars is North America’s oversize load authority. We provide various industries with oversize load permitstrip & fuel permitssuperload permits, route surveying, transportation consultingpilot car dispatching and truck safety equipment throughout the United States and Canada. We also take pride in offering some of the latest tools drivers and dispatchers need for optimal convenience, including our Permit Accompaniments App available on the App Store and Google Play, and our online permit manual, The Oversize Load Assistant. We manufacture all of our over-dimensional signage in our Los Angeles, CA sign-shop.

The company was formed in 1998 as a small Southern California-based pilot car and oversize permit service. After a few short years of providing pilot car dispatch and oversize load permits in California and the Western United States, the company further expanded its reach and grew until it was servicing the entire U.S. and Canada. 

November Holidays: Oversize Travel Restrictions

Oversize load travel restrictions and department of transportation (DOT) oversize/overweight permit office closures are available for truck drivers and dispatchers to plan ahead for some upcoming holidays in late 2019. Upcoming Holiday Oversize Travel Restrictions

Thanksgiving Day is observed on Thursday, November 28. All state permit offices are closed with a majority also closed on Friday, November 29 as well. Most states have travel restrictions in place for the holiday, with some starting as early as Tuesday, November 26. 

Some states also note a specific height, width and length restriction for Thanksgiving Day. 

WCS contacts each state to obtain the most accurate holiday closure information, although some states post updates while other states don’t publish or give out oversize travel restrictions until closer to the holiday. Updates will be posted as each state makes them available so it’s important to check back in for updates. 

Christmas and New Year’s Day oversize travel restrictions will be available soon. 

WCS Permits puts together a list of oversize load travel restrictions and oversize permit office closures by state for every major holiday. 

WCS Permits Can Help

As always, everyone here at WCS Permits & Pilot Cars is ready to help you! If you have any questions, please feel to Contact Us Online now or call us at (888) 737-6483 to reach our customer service department. One of our experienced transportation agents can help you with any needs and questions that you may have or direct you to the expert who can.


Permit Portal App Update Links Permit Attachments

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars has announced an exciting new feature available in the Permit Portal App.

The Permit Portal app has been live on both the App Store and Google Play for almost a year and has stellar reviews for its simplicity. Drivers and dispatchers across North America have opted in to receive instant automated text message notifications when oversize permits are approved.

This latest version of the app, took it a step further and links all required attachments with state and local permits.

Permit Portal App Update Links Permit Attachments

For years, WCS’ online system, The WCS Permit Portal, has allowed customers to place orders, and view and download permits. The addition of this app allows for drivers and dispatches to check the status of a permit, fast.

This update brings even more convenience and ease, not only eliminating the exchange of numerous emails and phone calls but automatically linking required state and local attachments with each available permit.

A majority of states are now allowing drivers to carry and display oversize load permits electronically, instead of having to carry paper copies. View each state’s policy here.

The free app allows WCS customers to receive an instant text message notification or email as soon as an oversize load permit is available. It is unlike any other tool or app available to drivers or dispatchers in the industry.

Download Now

Download the free Permit Portal on the App Store now or on Google Play or contact your WCS permit agent to get set up to receive instant text message notifications when your oversize permits are available.

WCS Permits Can Help

As always, everyone here at WCS Permits & Pilot Cars is ready to help you! We keep all of our drivers and dispatchers as up-to-date as possible on all new technology and industry news.

If you have any questions, please feel to Contact Us Online now or call us at (888) 737-6488 to reach our permit department.

WCS Social Media Contest: Win FREE Equipment, T-Shirts & More

WCS Permits & Pilot cars is looking for awesome photos of oversize/overweight loads, and will reward the overall best pic with Fox Fire lights and an oversize load sign, while several more entries will receive a WCS T-shirt and other giveaways.

WCS Social Media Contest: Win FREE Equipment, T-Shirts & More

The month long photo contest is open to all truck drivers, dispatchers, owner-operators, etc. who have an awesome pic of an oversize load. Everything from wide loads to tall loads to long loads, as well as superloads, are welcome. 

Entries must follow WCS on both social platforms (Instagram and Facebook), must tag WCS in the caption and use a specific hashtag to be considered. One weekly winner will be chosen leading up to the grand prize monthly winner announced on November 1, 2019.

WCS will reward each weekly winner with a WCS T-shirt and a small assortment of giveaways, and the monthly grand prize winner with a set of Fox Fire lights and an oversize load sign, as well as a WCS T-shirt and the smaller giveaways. Winners will be notified via direct message on the platform they entered, and will be shipped their items within one week of verifying their mailing address.

How to Enter

Enter by posting a photo of an oversize load with a brief caption and tagging WCS Permits on Facebook or Instagram along with the hashtag, #WCSPermitsContest. All entries must be an active follower of WCS on the platform of entry. Contest period ends October 31, 2019 at 8 p.m. EST. The monthly grand prize winner will be announced November 1, 2019 at 12 p.m. EST and each weekly winner will be announced throughout the month long contest period. Weekly winners will still be eligible for the grand prize.

Official Rules

  1. Eligibility: The contest is open to those who have and appropriately share a digital picture of an oversize/overweight load.
  2. Contest Period: October 1st at 12 pm EST – October 31st at 8 pm EST
  3. How to Enter: Submit a photo to WCS Permits via Facebook or Instagram with a brief caption, mention of the contest and hashtag #WCSPermitsContest. All entries must follow WCS on the platform and must fulfill all contest requirements.
  4. Prizes: Four weekly winners selected by WCS Permits’ management will receive a WCS T-shirt and a small assortment of company giveaways. One grand prize winner will receive Fox Fire lights, an oversize load banner, a WCS T-shirt and a small assortment of company giveaways. All prizes will be shipped directly to the winner. No substitutions.
  5. Winner Notification: the winner will be notified via the platform they entered the contest by. Weekly winners will be announced during the contest period and the grand prize winner will be announced November 1, 2019.
  6. Note: By entering the WCS Permits contest, you give WCS Permits the rights to use photos in print or digital, or in any media.