Overweight & Oversize Load Permits

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Who Needs an Oversize Load Permit?

If a commercial vehicle is oversize or overweight, a temporary oversize load permit (also known as a truck permit or wide load permit) is needed for it to legally travel.  

In most cases a load is considered an oversize load, or an oversize/overweight load and requires a state or county oversize load permit when:

  • The load’s height exceeds 13’6″
  • The load’s width exceeds 8’6″
  • The load’s length exceeds 48′
  • The load’s weight exceeds 80,000 pounds

Serving the US & Canada

WCS Permits provides oversize and overweight load permits (os/ow permits) and wide load permits to customers across various industries, including aerospace, military, crane, construction, general freight, modular homes, green energy and public utilities. Our experienced transportation permit agents understand the size, height and weight requirements for obtaining oversize load permits in all 50 U.S. states and Canadian provinces, as well as local jurisdictions. Our goal is to obtain your truck permits as quickly as possible.

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Over 65 Transportation Consultants

WCS employs over 65 experienced transportation consultants with years of experience permitting oversize loads, wide loads and superloads. Our permit agents are  ready to answer all of your oversize load permit questions and ensure a timely oversize load permit approval process. We have bi-lingual agents available on staff in our Los Angeles, CA office. Three of our five offices are open Saturdays, and we have emergency on-call service available if you need a truck permit after hours. 

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Quick Turnaround & Online Ordering

Our online oversize load permit portal allows for quick online ordering and viewing of current permits and permit history. Check the status of any oversize load permit via our web permit portal – all you need is an order number and truck number. Or download our Permit Portal app to also receive instant text message notifications when an oversize load permit becomes available, as well as any required permit attachments. Although we support and pride ourselves in being a technology leader, our agents are always available and ready to talk about your next wide or oversize move or project. In using both technology and communication, we strive to handle all of your permit needs as quickly as possible.