Temporary Trip (IRP) & Fuel (IFTA) Permits

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Temporary Trip (IRP) & Fuel (IFTA) Permits

IFTA Delays? We Can Help!

We understand that some state DOTS, including Texas and New Jersey, are experiencing major delays in issuing Temporary Trip & Fuel Permits, but we’re here to assist and provide faster turnaround times. 

WCS Permits can help you stay compliant whether you need Temporary Trip Permits, also known as IRP Permits, or Temporary Fuel Permits, commonly referred to as IFTA Permits. 

Temporary Trip Permits (IRP) act as a temporary vehicle registration for commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) traveling outside of their home state and Temporary Fuel Permits (IFTA) are issued to CMVs who do not have current IFTA credentials for states they will travel through.  

More About Temporary Fuel Permits (IFTA)

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement between the US States & Canadian provinces to simplify the reporting of fuel taxes.The purpose of IFTA is to establish and maintain the concept of one fuel use license for carriers operating qualified motor vehicles interstate. An IFTA allows a taxpayer to file one tax report that covers all member jurisdictions. 

Since the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is a base state or province fuel tax agreement, any person based in a member jurisdiction that operates one or more qualified CMVs (Commercial Motor Vehicles) in two or more member jurisdictions is required to license under the International Fuel Tax Agreement, or purchase temporary fuel permits for travel in any member jurisdictions.  

A qualified motor vehicle is classified as having the following:

  • Two axles and a gross vehicle weight or registered gross vehicle weight exceeding 26,000 pounds or 11,797 kilograms
  • Three or more axles regardless of weight 
  • A tractor and trailer with a registered weight over 26,000 pounds or 11,797 kilogram, then you will require a Fuel Permit if you do not have an IFTA Decal on your truck

A temporary Fuel Permit will be required if you fit one of these categories and do not have an IFTA Decal on your truck

More About Temporary Trip Permits (IRP)

If one of your vehicles is traveling interstate and isn’t registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP), you’ll need to order a temporary trip permit.

A trip permit is needed if your vehicle does not have IRP authority and is traveling out of state and any of these apply:

  • Vehicle isn’t registered under IRP
  • Vehicle has 3 or more axles
  • Vehicle has a gross vehicle or registered weight over 26,000 pounds or 11,797 kilograms
  • A two vehicle and trailer have a combined gross vehicle or registered weight over 26,000 pounds or 11,797 kilograms

WCS Permits is Here to Help

Temporary trip & fuel permits (IFTA) are often needed at the drop of a dime in any sector of the transportation industry and WCS Permits can help. 

We provide fast and affordable temporary trip and fuel permits in the United States and Canada. After hour emergency service is also available. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT issue IFTA stickers. 

Waiting on your IFTA? We can help. Let our agents help you obtain a temporary Trip & Fuel permit. Fill out the form below to tell us more about your needs and an agent will be in touch with you soon. 

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