Permit Portal AppA New Game-Changing Mobile App

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars published a new game-changing mobile app, the “Permit Portal,” which sends oversize load drivers and dispatchers instant automated text message notifications when oversize/overweight permits are approved.

For years, WCS’ online permit system has allowed customers to place orders, and view and download permits, which has proven to be a valuable tool for drivers and dispatchers. Now the Permit Portal app brings even more convenience and ease, eliminating the exchange of numerous emails and phone calls.

The free app allows WCS customers to receive an instant text message notification or email as soon as an oversize load permit is available. It is unlike any other tool or app available to drivers or dispatchers in the industry.

How does it work?

Customers simply request message notifications. Once a WCS permit agent confirms a mobile number in the system, text messages will automatically be sent for each oversize load permit approval on the customer’s load.

As soon as a permit is issued, a WCS agent will attach it to an order which will trigger the automated text message. Once received, the customer can click the link in the text message to open the “Permit Portal” app and view the order to download, print or email the permit.

Supporting documents, such as route surveys, will also be available along with the permit.

Permits can also be viewed by directly opening the app and entering an order and unit number. Any permits that are pending on an order will be shown in red while approved permits will show in green. As soon as each permit is approved, a new text message will be sent.  Customers can also refresh an order at any time to see any changes in the order status.

Additionally, dispatchers can request to receive permit approvals for an order via email. The fully automated process allows for up to 2 phone numbers and 2 email addresses to be included on each order.

“This new process for delivering permits creates accountability between the permit agent, dispatcher and driver. The progress of the order and associated permits can be viewed in real time by all parties,” said WCS President Wes Mollno. “There will never again be any confusion as to the status of an order. The communication, convenience and simplicity of Permit Portal App has changed the game.”

Perfect for Drivers & Dispatchers

Drivers and dispatchers both benefit from utilizing the “Permit Portal” app.

Dispatchers sitting in front of a computer have the convenience of receiving an email notification, while at the same time their driver receives a text message, when a permit becomes available on an order. This automated process means no additional emails need to be exchanged between a dispatcher and driver.

The work load for drivers decreases when utilizing the app as well. A driver can opt-in to receive a text when a permit is available on any order, so they can be on the same page as their WCS permit agent and/or dispatcher at all times.

The text message notification will be there waiting for the driver as soon as they can stop to safely view. When a driver opens the permit on an order by using the app on a mobile device or tablet, the driver can then view, save, email or print their permits.

Convenience was the main goal of the app, but it does not take the place of any customer receiving direct customer service assistance or communication from a WCS permit agent.

WCS is the Industry’s Technology Leader

Upon initial release, in a small sample of test clients, WCS had 100% satisfaction with the app. After the full release, the app’s downloads took off, and within a 24-hour period, it had a 5-star rating on the App Store and Google Play.

This isn’t WCS’ first innovative tool designed to help drivers and dispatchers.

For 7 years, WCS has maintained the “Permit Attachment App,” which gives drivers and dispatchers access to permit attachments for the United States and Canada. The free app also includes the option to upgrade to a paid version to view city and county attachments throughout the entire United States.

More About WCS Permits

In business since 1998, WCS has grown to be North America’s oversize load authority with five offices nationwide, including two Ohio locations, Los Angeles, New York and Tennessee. With over 60 permit agents (including Spanish speaking permit agents), WCS is the national leader when it comes to super load permitspilot car dispatching, trip & fuel permits, route surveys and equipment sales, in addition to the everyday workload of oversize load permitsContact Us Online now.

Get Started  

Existing customers can contact their WCS permit agent to begin receiving text message notifications or emails on permit approvals. New customers can contact WCS online or call Eastern headquarters at (888) 737-6483 to get started. Once notifications are enabled, the link within each text message will direct each customer to the App Store or Google Play to download and use the app.

The Permit Portal is also available for order search with a unit number or order number via the WCS website. Navigate to the Permit Portal page to start your search.