WCS Permits to Focus on Tech at Transportation Symposium

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars will again be attending and exhibiting at the SC&RA (Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association) Transportation Symposium, this year with an even greater focus on the company’s technology, including their mobile apps and a new permitting system.

WCS Permits to Focus on Tech at Transportation Symposium

Once again, WCS will be participating both as an exhibitor and as an SC&RA Transportation Symposium sponsor. 

During exhibiting day on Thursday, Feb. 20 from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., WCS will showcase its services and line-up of technology, including its newest app, The Permit Portal which sends instant text notifications once oversize permits are approved and automatically links required permit provisions with each available permit. The team will also give live demos of the Oversize Load Assistant, which includes an oversize permit fee calculator and an online permit manual with various permit info including pilot car regulations, overweight allowances and night and weekend travel.

The permit portal app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. 

Of course, the WCS team will give demos of the company’s online permit portal where clients can order permits, duplicate past orders and search for order history by several variations of search criteria. This year, the team has a new section of the program to unveil which will help companies achieve a more organized process for managing and tracking permits in real time.

WCS will be at booth no. 37 showcasing its services, technology and some of the equipment sold online via the company web store, including oversize load signs, safety apparel, pilot car equipment and more. 

The company’s CEO, Wes Mollno will be speaking on Wednesday, February 19 during the session, What the Future Holds: Permitting in 2030. Mollno will be talking about the evolution of the permitting industry, including his take on the future and how some of the technology he has developed, and plans to develop, will shape the future of the industry.


The transportation symposium attracts industry leaders and transportation officials to discuss many topics, including oversize load permits, permit policies, pilot cars, how technology is changing the oversize transport industry and more. The four-day symposium includes speakers in various roles in the industry from state officials to company CEOs. 

Click here to view the complete show schedule and more details.


In business since 1998, WCS Permits has grown to be North America’s oversize load authority with five offices nationwide, including Corporate Headquarters in Los Angeles, California, plus two Ohio locations, New York and Tennessee. With over 60 permit agents (including Spanish speaking permit agents), WCS is the national leader when it comes to super load permitspilot car dispatching, trip & fuel permits, route surveys and equipment sales, in addition to the everyday workload of oversize load permitsContact Us Online now or call us at (888) 737-6483 to see how WCS Permits & Pilot Cars can help you!

KS Closed, OK Not Issuing in All Counties Due to Weather

The Kansas permit office is closed on Friday, Jan. 17 and the Oklahoma permit office is not issuing permits in certain counties due to inclement weather.

KS Closed, OK Not Issuing in All Counties Due to Weather

As Winter Storm Jacob closes in, many roadways are covered in snow and ice in Kansas making road travel, for commercial vehicles especially, very hazardous. The Kansas permit department shut down for the day which means no oversize load permits will be issued until next week.

Oklahoma was not issuing permits in some counties, including Beaver, Texas, Ellis, Harper and Woodward due to the weather:

The state recommends you obtain surrounding state permits prior to obtaining your Oklahoma oversize permit.

From Oklahoma to Maine, the storm is bringing heavy snow, freezing rain and sleet and significant snow accumulations in parts of Minnesota, northern Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and the interior Northeast.

It is expected to intensify Saturday and any commercial travel will be treacherous with long delays throughout the weekend.

WCS Permits Can Help

As always, everyone here at WCS Permits & Pilot Cars is ready to help you! We keep all of our drivers and dispatchers as up-to-date as possible on all oversize travel closures, inclement weather, restrictions and latest news. 

If you have any questions, please feel to Contact Us Online now or call us at (888) 737-6488 to reach our permit department.

Single Trip Permits Now Valid 5 Days in Arkansas

Effective January 8, 2020 single trip permits will be valid for the duration of 5 days instead of 3 days in the state of Arkansas.

The news was first announced in early January on the Arkansas’ automated online permit system home page.

Single Trip Permits Now Valid 5 Days in Arkansas

This is something many in the oversize load and specialized transportation transportation industry see as a positive, and will eliminate the hassle of having to order another trip permit after only 3 days.

In the oversize sector, loads face delays due to breakdowns, weather and travel restrictions so the added two days will help with having to reorder oversize permits.

Exceptions to this rule are the following: hay movement will remain for 3 days, sealed container will remain for 6 days and house movements will remain for 2 days.

WCS Permits Can Help

As always, everyone here at WCS Permits & Pilot Cars is ready to help you! We keep all of our drivers and dispatchers as up-to-date as possible on all oversize travel closures, inclement weather, restrictions and latest news. 

If you have any questions about our oversize load permit services, please feel to Contact Us Online now or call us at (888) 737-6488 to reach our permit department.

WCS Permits to Focus on Tech at Transportation Symposium

2020 will be a busy year for the WCS Permits’ staff with several trade shows and symposiums on the calendar, including guest speaking and sponsorship.

WCS to Showcase Services at Several Shows in 2020

To kick off the year, WCS Permits & Pilot Cars will be involved in a customer event showcasing products and services to owner-operators from across North America.

One of the main products to showcase at all events includes the Permit Portal app. The app allows for instant text message notifications as soon as permits are approved and ready to be downloaded and shared. Drivers and dispatchers across North America have opted in to receive instant automated text message notifications when oversize permits are approved. The latest version of the app, took it a step further and links all required attachments with state and local permits.

The Permit Portal app has been live on both the App Store and Google Play for almost a year and has stellar reviews for its simplicity.

Specialized Transportation Symposium

Then it’s straight to the 2020 SC&RA Transportation Symposium in Charlotte, NC Tuesday, Feb. 18 – Friday, Feb. 21 where hundreds of heavy haul peers across the OS/OW industry gather to communicate about the industry’s latest products, services, challenges and perks. Individuals involved in various aspects of the specialized transportation industry gather, from permit agents to pilot car operators to heavy haul operations managers.

WCS Permits participates both as an exhibitor and as a symposium sponsor. 

During exhibiting day on Thursday, Feb. 20 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., WCS will showcase its services, including OS/OW permits, pilot car dispatching, logistics consulting and truck safety equipment.

The WCS team will also demonstrate the Oversize Load Assistant, which includes a look into the online permit manual and the Permit Calculator which estimates oversize fees. Demos of the company’s online permit portal – the WCS Permit Portal – will show customers how they can use the program to quickly re-order permits and find what they need by searching different sets of criteria such as origin, destination, height, width, object and more.

WCS President & CEO, Wes Mollno will also be a speaker at the 2020 event. Mollno will be one of several speakers that will discuss future changes to the permitting industry, including how technology in the industry will influence the next decade.


WCS will be an exhibitor at CONEXPO-CON/AGG – North America’s largest construction trade show March 10-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

WCS will be at booth #B92224 meeting construction professionals representing asphalt, lifting, mining, utilities and more.


For the second year, WCS will be at a 10′ x 20′ booth at the Mid-America Truck Show (MATS) in Louisville, KY March 26-28.

With over 650 exhibitors and 70,000 plus anticipated attendees, including owner-operators, truck drivers and ops managers, WCS will maximize the reach of its products and services.


WCS will again participate as an exhibitor at the nation’s largest project cargo and breakbulk industry trade show, Breakbulk Americas in Houston, Texas September 29 – October 1.

More About WCS Permits & Pilot Cars

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars is North America’s oversize load authority. We provide various industries with oversize load permitstrip & fuel permitssuperload permits, route surveying, transportation consultingpilot car dispatching and truck safety equipment throughout the United States and Canada. We also take pride in offering some of the latest tools drivers and dispatchers need for optimal convenience, including our Permit Accompaniments App available on the App Store and Google Play, and our online permit manual, The Oversize Load Assistant. We manufacture all of our over-dimensional signage in our Los Angeles, CA sign-shop.

The company was formed in 1998 as a small Southern California-based pilot car and oversize permit service. After a few short years of providing pilot car dispatch and oversize load permits in California and the Western United States, the company further expanded its reach and grew until it was servicing the entire U.S. and Canada. 

PA Turnpike to Implement New Special Hauling Permit System

The Pennsylvania special permit hauling department released details about the PA Turnpike Commission’s new special hauling permit system for overweight/over-dimensional vehicles at cashless tolling locations.

The special hauling permit office sent out the following details.

PA Turnpike to Implement New Special Hauling Permit System

On Dec. 18, 2019, the PA Turnpike Commission approved a new permit fee structure at cashless tolling points only across our system for overweight/over-dimensional vehicles.  Beginning Jan. 5, these vehicles must apply for a Special Hauling Permit and pay a $37 flat fee along with an additional 24 cent-per-ton-mile fee on all weight in excess of 80,000 pounds. Those cashless tolling locations are:

  • Gateway Toll Plaza Milepost 2, I-76 (near Ohio line);
  • Beaver Valley Express­way (PA Turnpike 376);
  • Findlay Connector (PA Turnpike 576);
  • Greensburg Bypass/AKH (PA Turnpike 66); and
  • Delaware River Bridge Toll Plaza, Milepost 42.6, I-95 (near NJ line);
  • Keyser Avenue and Clarks Summit Toll Plazas, Mileposts 122 and 131, (I-476 near Scranton).

Changes for Overweight/Over-dimensional customers at cashless tolling locations only include:

  • All customers applying for a Special Hauling Permit for Overweight/Over-dimensional vehicles must pay a new permit fee online using a credit card or ACH when the application is submitted.  There will be no print function for approved permits until payment is made.
  • All customers must print and carry a hard copy of the approved permit. 
  • Tolls will be assessed electronically as customers travel the cashless tolling system. There is no need to stop to process permits or pay tolls at cashless tolling locations.
  • Tolls will be charged to your E-ZPass account; if you do not have E-ZPass, an invoice will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle through the PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE system.
  • All customers must apply for a permit within two weeks of the anticipated travel day.

While the permit fees for overweight and over-dimensional haulers at cashless tolling locations are new, the toll rates have been adjusted so that the overall trip costs are comparable to those of existing Class-9 toll rates. 

The PA Turnpike’s standard permit requirements — weight, width, length, height, etc. — remain in effect for these new Special Hauling Permit procedures at cashless tolling locations.  Visit https://www.paturnpike.com/commercial/permit_info.aspx to learn more. Or call 1-800-331-3414 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday).

Kansas Permit Prices to Increase in 2020

Increases to oversize/overweight and superload permit fees will take effect on January 1, 2020 in Kansas.

Kansas Permit Prices to Increase in 2020

The Kansas Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced updates in permit fees on the Kansas Truck Routing and Intelligent Permitting System (K-TRIPS). Fee increases vary by permit type.

Permit fees will increase for the following permit types on January 1.

  • Standard annuals will increase to $200
  • Overdimension oversize and/or overweight will increase to $40
  • Overdimension large structure will increase to $200
  • Overdimension superload will increase to $200

The last price increase was in July 2019.

Click here for a full 2020 Kansas DOT permit price list.

WCS Permits Can Help

As always, everyone here at WCS Permits & Pilot Cars is ready to help you! We keep all of our drivers and dispatchers as up-to-date as possible on all oversize travel closures, restrictions and latest news. 

If you have any questions, please feel to Contact Us Online now or call us at (888) 737-6488 to reach our permit department.

The Different Types of Transportation Permits

What are the different types of transportation permits? Here they are broken down with requirements and guidelines that apply to each.

The Different Types of Transportation Permits

Single Trip Oversize/Overweight Permits

Single Trip permits are required when the overall dimensions of a load exceed the state guidelines.

You may need a Single Trip permit if:

  • Overall weight exceeds 80,000 lbs.
  • Overall height exceeds 13’6” **14’0” in some states
  • Overall length exceeds 65’
  • Overall width exceeds 8’6”
  • Overall length and overhang varies per state. Please check with one of our specialists for details.

Single Trip Oversize/Overweight City and County Permits

City and County permits are often required if you are starting or ending in a local jurisdiction and traveling on local roads such as city streets or county routes. Overall, more local jurisdictions are requiring permits as they become more versed in the oversize transport industry and understand the legalities and liabilities that came along with specialized transport. WCS has an extensive library of resources to obtain local permits in many cities and counties in the United States and Canada.

Superload Permits

An oversized load is considered a superload when the dimensions and weights exceed the standard issued permit limitations. Dimensions and weights vary per state.

WCS Permits is an industry leader for all of your superload needs. Our specialists will assist you with all superload support including route planning, price quoting, Utility Clearance Approvals, Route Surveys, Pilot Car and Pole Car services, Shipper’s Letters, Vehicle Drawings, Construction Notification Approvals, Engineering Survey referrals, and Bucket Truck referrals to obtain state approvals for travel. In many cases, permitting a superload requires state police to accompany the load. Requirements vary per state so please contact a specialist today to start planning your move!

Trip and Fuel Permits

A temporary “trip” permit is also known as an IRP (International Registration Plan) Permit which is issued as a temporary vehicle registration for the out-of-state travel of a commercial vehicle not registered in a specific state or states.  

Temporary fuel permits are required for commercial vehicles that do not have valid IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) credentials for their intended states of travel. The fuel tax agreement covers the US and Canada and requires the commercial vehicle to pay taxes on the distance traveled in each state or province.

Trip and Fuel permits may also be required if your power unit has:

  • 2 axles and a gross weight over 26,000 lbs.
  • 3 or more axles (any weight)

Our specialists can acquire temporary trip and fuel permits throughout the United States and Canada. Call us now to order!

Annual Oversize/Overweight Permits

An annual permit also referred to as a “blanket” permit can be issued to a commercial vehicle for a 12 month/one-year period. Annual permits usually have strict guidelines and size/weight limitations that vary per state. Some states also offer 30, 60, and 90 day permits as well as quarterly permits depending on the commodity you are hauling. WCS offers a service to advise when annuals are coming up for renewal. Please contact our specialists for more information today!

Oversize Load Sign, Flag & Pilot Car Requirements

There are a lot of regulations for oversize loads, including those for oversize load signs and flags during transport. Not only that, pilot cars escorting oversize loads also must comply by many different requirements. Here, we piece those requirements together.

Oversize Load Sign, Flag & Pilot Car Requirements

When does an oversize load require signs or flags?

Oversize Load or Wide Load banners and warning flags are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for any commercial motor vehicle transporting an oversize and/or overweight load.  Regulations on signage and warning flags vary per state.


United States

  • Most US states require a banner that is 7’0” wide x 18” high, with 12” lettering
  • All banners require black letters on reflective yellow background
  • Signage placement regulations vary per state


  • Most provinces require a “D” sign that is 245 cm x 30 cm, with 20 cm series E lettering.
  • All signs require red transparent lettering on reflective white background.
  • Signage placement regulations vary per province.

Warning Flags

United States

  • Required on over-width and/or over-length loads
  • Bright red and/or orange, 18” x 12” square, clean and in good condition
  • Must be secured on the load’s extreme protrusions or on a flag staff
  • Warning flag placement regulations may vary per state


  • Required on over-width and/or over-length loads
  • Red and/or fluorescent orange, 40 cm x 40 cm square
  • Must be secured on the load’s extreme protrusions or on a flag staff

Requirements for oversize load signage wording can vary state to state. Signage can vary in wording depending on the type of load that is being hauled.

  • Oversize Load (typical signage)
  • Wide Load
  • Long Load
  • “D” (Canada)

Signage Material 

  • Mesh
  • Vinyl
  • Magnetic with vinyl
  • Non-reflective aluminum (single sided, double sided, folding)
  • Reflective metal aluminum (single sided, double sided, folding)

When is a Pilot Car required for oversize or specialized transport?

Regulations vary by state and/or province that pilot car drivers must be aware of to operate.  Even within the same state/provinces there are factors which affect when a pilot car is required such as:

  • The time of day an oversize load is being transported
  • Size of the road an oversize load is being hauled on, and whether the area is urban, rural or mountain
  • The overall dimensions of load commodity

Requirements for Certification

Most states don’t require that pilot car drivers be certified, but those that do have strict requirements in terms of driver training and equipment. Below is a list of states which have pilot car certification or additional training requirements.

United States

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Florida * Additional requirement- National Safety Council 8-hour Defensive driving course certificate
  • Georgia * Additional requirement- GA Amber Light Permit
  • Louisiana * LA Approved Escort Vehicle Permit
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada * Additional requirement- NV Amber Light Permit
  • New Mexico *NM certification inspection required at the Port of Entry
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • TWIC Cards (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) required to enter secure area of maritime ports.

Canadian Provinces

  • AB- No certification/training required at this time
  • BC- Pilot car operators are not required to be certified; however, TCP certification is required to perform traffic control in a high-risk situation.
  • NB – No certification/training required at this time
  • NF – No certification/training required at this time
  • NS – No certification/training required at this time
  • NU – No certification/training required at this time
  • NWT – No certification/training required at this time
  • MB – Manitoba (course required) and does recognizes all US jurisdictions that require PEVO (except New York)
  • ON- Two years of driving experience and a valid driver’s license equivalent to an Ontario Class G2 driver’s license.
  • PEI – No certification/training required at this time
  • QB- No certification/training required at this time
  • SK – No certification/training required at this time
  • YK- No certification/training required at this time

Certification typically requires a driver to pass an approved training course, take a test and demonstrate that he carries the proper safety equipment. Some of the states that don’t require certification still require pilot car drivers to obtain permits before working as a pilot in that state.

How long does it take to dispatch a pilot car?

The length of time varies to dispatch a pilot car and depends. It could take minutes, hours or even days.It depends on the region/state requested, type of pilot car(s) needed and demand. WCS Permits offers pilot car services and emergency dispatch 7 days a week. WCS makes the process quick and efficient and relieves you of the headache of locating a local driver and pilot car for your oversize load or superload. Our top priority is always safety. If you’re in need of a pilot car driver or escort, contact our pilot car department.

Purchase equipment now

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars sells truck safety equipment including oversize load signs in various sizes and materials, as well as warning flags. Our online store also includes a full inventory of lighted devices, measuring devices, safety apparel and more. All oversize load banners and signs for sale online at Store.WCSPermits.com meet the U.S. requirements. WCS’ custom sign shop can make any custom sign by request. 

I-40 West to Close at NC/TN Border

Both westbound lanes of Interstate 40 between mile marker 20 and mile marker 15 will close between the Tennessee state line and the U.S. 276 interchange in North Carolina so emergency concrete repairs can be made to the bridge.

I-40 West to Close at NC/TN Border

The closure starts at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 18 and is expected to continue for up to five days, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT), and takes place along an area of I-40 with a history of rapid deterioration resulting in potential road hazards.

Repairs to the deteriorating concrete will be made ahead of Winter, which a crew will remove and replace old concrete to the over 50-year-old bridge.

Traffic will detour to I-26 into Tennessee, adding an additional 45 mins to travel time. While state officials and project engineers say the closure can last up to five days, it is said the project is estimated to take 48 hours to five days. The only way to make the repairs are to close the interstate.

Drivers heading West should take I-40 Exit 53B (I-240 West) for five miles to Exit 4A (I-26 West) and follow that for 74 miles, crossing into Tennessee. Then drivers can take Exit 8A for I-81 South and continue 57 miles to re-access I-40 near Dandridge, Tennessee.

Prior to the work starting Monday, crews closed the outside lane of the bridge heading east toward Asheville from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. starting Friday to complete repairs in that lane.

November Holidays: Oversize Travel Restrictions

Oversize load travel restrictions and department of transportation (DOT) oversize/overweight permit office closures are available for truck drivers and dispatchers to plan ahead for some upcoming holidays in late 2019. Upcoming Holiday Oversize Travel Restrictions

Thanksgiving Day is observed on Thursday, November 28. All state permit offices are closed with a majority also closed on Friday, November 29 as well. Most states have travel restrictions in place for the holiday, with some starting as early as Tuesday, November 26. 

Some states also note a specific height, width and length restriction for Thanksgiving Day. 

WCS contacts each state to obtain the most accurate holiday closure information, although some states post updates while other states don’t publish or give out oversize travel restrictions until closer to the holiday. Updates will be posted as each state makes them available so it’s important to check back in for updates. 

Christmas and New Year’s Day oversize travel restrictions will be available soon. 

WCS Permits puts together a list of oversize load travel restrictions and oversize permit office closures by state for every major holiday. 

WCS Permits Can Help

As always, everyone here at WCS Permits & Pilot Cars is ready to help you! If you have any questions, please feel to Contact Us Online now or call us at (888) 737-6483 to reach our customer service department. One of our experienced transportation agents can help you with any needs and questions that you may have or direct you to the expert who can.