Permit Tools


Permit Apps

Our Permit Portal App gives our customers the convenience of receiving instant text message notifications as soon as an oversize load permit is approved. Not only that, all permits are automatically paired with any required permit attachments. Available free on the App Store and Google Play.


Our Permit Attachments App lists permit conditions for the United States & Canada and is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. A paid version with city and county permit conditions is available for a minimal monthly fee. 

Additionally, order status can be checked in real time here

Permit Portal

All WCS customers receive secure access to our online Permit Portal for easy online ordering, and access to all historical data including past orders, saved tractors, trailers and more. 

Permit Accompaniments

Visit our Accompaniments Page for state Department of Transportation (DOT) issued oversize load permit conditions and curfew maps.

Trip & Fuel Requirements

Visit our Trip & Fuel Requirements Map Page to quickly view Trip & Fuel requirements for any U.S. state.

Registered Weight Requirements

IRP Registered Weight Requirements by state or Canadian Province are available for our customers to reference. 

Oversize Load Assistant & Permit Calculator

Use our Oversize Load Assistant to find  contact information for every U.S. state and Canadian Province agency. Also view oversize permit regulations by state and Canadian Provence such as oversize load permit fees, superload dimensions and night & weekend travel. Also, check out the Permit Calculator where you can easily estimate Oversize and Overweight Load Permit Fees. For one low monthly fee access it all from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Sign-up now

Holiday Closures

Christmas & New Year’s Day 2021 oversize load travel restrictions. 

Observed Friday, December 24, 2021 & Friday December 31, 2021

We publish a new list for each major holiday and maintain an Industry Calendar with additional state holiday closure info, oversize load travel restrictions and industry news. 

Pilot Car Escort Guidelines

Click here to download the most updated version of the Pilot Car Escort Best Practices Guidelines.