Route Surveys

Route Surveys - WCS Permits

Often, our oversize load and superload permit customers require us to take our expertise a step further and provide a route survey before we can fully execute their heavy haul permits. The route survey serves as the validation of a proposed route ensuring the safety of all involved while the load is being transported.

A vehicle (in most cases a pilot car, also known as an escort company) must travel the exact route proposed to perform a route survey. WCS transportation consultants (permit agents) work with the specialized trucking company to determine the best route based on the knowledge of oversize load dimensions, oversize load transport rules and regulations, road closures, construction and other size limitations that may be in place along the proposed route. If there are problems with the route, the route surveyor works with our permit / superload department to find an acceptable route.  Most states/provinces require certified pilot car drivers to perform any route survey work, and at WCS, we have access to a network of thousands of certified pilots. WCS permit agents work directly with our dedicated East and West Coast Pilot Car Departments to process these route surveys.

Driving the proposed route, or performing a route survey, helps identify a number of things before a specialized load or superload can travel:

  • Low bridges, narrow roadways, railroad crossings, overhead obstructions or anything interfering with the load’s turning radius such as but not limited to; traffic signals, public utilities or anything that may result in the need for
    alternative routing and/or additional assistance from a third-party such as a bucket truck or traffic control company to remove obstructions or close roads
  • The safety of the driver of the oversize load vehicle, motorists on the road at the
    time of transport, and public property/structures

The route survey is then returned to WCS on a certified document or on a specific state’s required route survey form.

Once the route survey is complete and the proposed route is validated (or a better route is proposed) WCS Permits can complete the oversize load permits so the specialized vehicle will be free from any obstructions, and safely move.

With all proper documentation in hand the WCS Permit agent will then proceed in obtaining your oversize load permit, route permission or Police approval. Permit and approval type vary per location traveled.