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Commissioners put a halt to permits

February 10, 2012 Effective immediately, trucking companies hauling oversize or overweight loads do not have to pay for travel on Muskingum County roads in Ohio. County Commissioner Jim Porter was amongst many who voted to put a halt to oversize and overweight fees as weell as the $250 frost law permit. Overize and overweight fees […]

New bill could result in raising tractor-trailer limits

February 7, 2012 The Safe and Efficient Trasportation Act could result in trucks being able to carry loads weighing up to 48 and a half tons without an overweight permit as long as the truck has six axles. Most tractor-trailers currently have fix axles. The bill was recently introduced by a Maine representative, however it […]

Idaho Transportation Department to raise oversize load fees

January 24, 2012 According to the Idaho Transportation Department, there is an annual deficit over half a million dollars caused by running the state’s permitting program. As a result, permit fees will increase significantly in the near future by as much as 25 percent. Most fee increases will pertain to non-reducible loads. For more information […]

"The Rock" may move this year

November 25, 2011 A 340-ton boulder referred to as “The Rock,” may soon be on its way to LA from Riverside County. A lot of preparation has gone into moving the chunk of granite from a Rock Quarry in Riverside to the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art where it will be part of […]

CA closure of one of two permit offices could cause delays

November 18, 2011 Some delays in CA permit issuance could be in the near future. Beginning Dec. 5 Caltrans’ South Region Transportation Permits Office will move to Sacramento, although permit communcations are already being handled by the Sacramento office (effective Monday, Nov. 21). This office, which was located in San Bernardino, was responsible for approximately […]

Second large load ready for departure

The second of four of the heaviest loads to ever travel on California roads will begin an 800-mile journey in San Diego County this weekend. A 399-foot, 1.611 million-pound trailer will depart from San Onofre, CA carrying an expired steamed generator destined for Clive, UT. WCS Permits obtained over 20 highway permits to move the […]


WCS coordinates largest loads in CA History

WCS Permits is coordinated all permits and road closures for the heaviest loads on record in California. A total of four superloads will move, which weigh 1.611 million pounds and are 399 feet long, 20 feet wide and 16 feet, nine inches high. The load, an expired steamed generator, is moving from San Onofre, CA […]