Wisconsin to Launch New Permit System This Month

Wisconsin will launch a new permit system on Thursday, Nov. 12, upgrading their 16-year current permitting system.

The new web application is used by carriers, services and processors, and the superload routing system has been upgraded to a more modern, user-friendly system.

Wisconsin to Launch New Permit System This Month

What’s new with routing:

  • Java no longer needed for routing page.
  • Compatible with browsers: Chrome (recommended), Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Detailed clearance reports of your analyzed routes now available
  • Save and reuse Trips

What’s new in applications:

  • Added ten additional permit types for online application including:
  • AC – Grain, Coal, Iron Ore Concentrates & Alloyed Iron
  • AG – Garbage, Refuse and Recyclable Scrap
  • FMP – Fluid Milk Products
  • MI – Michigan Border
  • Save and Copy Applications
  • Carriers and Services now add and maintain their own users
  • Permit Services can now submit new accounts within the system
  • Additional permit and financial reports available
  • My Vehicles allows you to add Vehicles and maintain vehicles

WCS Permits Can Help

WCS Permits is working with the state to understand the new system to continue to process permits for our customers in a timely manner.