WCS Adds New Oversize Permit Resources

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars has launched new oversize load permit industry resources on its website.

WCS Adds New Oversize Permit Resources

The two new resources include: an industry calendar where oversize load travel restrictions or DOT permit office closures are listed and United States Trip & Fuel requirements which you can select via an interactive map.

Industry Calendar

The WCS Industry Calendar doesn’t just have information on major holiday oversize load travel restricitons & DOT oversize department/permit office closures, but also includes smaller holidays that are sometimes observed by only a handful or a single state. This helps industry professionals, dispatchers and truck drivers plan ahead regarding load schedule and permits.

You will always find information about the nearest major holiday on the calendar, as well as a link to a downloadable list of the upcoming oversize travel restrictions. Major holiday oversize load restrictions are also published on the WCS Holiday Closures page.

U.S Trip & Fuel Requirements

The Trip & Fuel Requirements Page and Map has valuable and accurate Trip & Fuel information for all 50 states. Once you select a state via the map, you can view IRP and IFTA requirements, RV/SME IRP & IFTA Requirements, Special Weight Registration Requirements, any Special requirements and more.

Data was compiled by WCS Permits’ Trip & Fuel department who works diligently so all customers can stay compliant whether they need Temporary Trip Permits (IRP) or Temporary Fuel Permits (IFTA).

WCS is committed to providing oversize load permit tools to customers and more. Visit the Permit Tools page for more information about all the specialized transportation industry resources provided including our mobile apps, oversize permit calculator and U.S. and Canadian permit provisions.