WCS Adds Improved Dynamic Search Feature to Online Permit Portal

In order to make the online ordering and management of oversize load permits easier, WCS Permits has added some new search features to its online order system – the WCS Permit Portal. 

WCS Adds Improved Dynamic Search Feature to Online Permit Portal

The program search function is now more dynamic than ever, allowing customers and WCS agents to find what they need, and search by different criteria or a string of criteria such as origin, destination, height, width, object and more.

This gives WCS’ over 65 transportation consultants and WCS customers the ability to quickly search for and duplicate a past order or submit a new order for an oversize/overweight permit, annual permit or trip & fuel permit.

Furthermore, the improved search function allows results to be narrowed by additional parameters if an initial search does not return the desired results. For example, a first search made might request orders originating in Houston. That request is broad and the search returns 50 orders. So to better locate the subject order, more specific options can be checked such as a height of greater than or equal to 16’0”. Then the results are reduced to a few loads that match all criteria selected – orders originating in Houston and height greater than or equal to 16’0”. 

One of the biggest benefits to doing research on the WCS Permit Portal is that all search results include both the original order along with all applicable permits, notes and documents associated with the order.  This allows for easy review of previous routing and any complications that may have been encountered.

“The goal is to continue to improve our online permit system so users can quickly access the information they need when they need it,” said WCS lead in-house programming engineer, Randy Waite. “These system improvements will help speed up the process and turnaround times for all.”

For years, the program has allowed WCS permit agents and customers to access securely stored customer info such as license, VIN, vehicle spacing, configurations, and previous orders for fast and simple reordering.

While the program is a convenient tool that many customers take advantage of, permit agents are still available by phone or email for customers to place orders across the company’s five nationwide offices.

According to Waite, WCS is committed to continually improving the WCS Permit Portal, and simplifying the oversize load permitting process.

Use of the WCS Permit Portal is free to all WCS customers.