SC&RA Clarifies "Nondivisible Load" Interpretations

The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) recently received clarification from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on the definition of “nondivisible loads.” SC&RA Clarifies "Nondivisible Load" Interpretations

The FHWA sent a formal letter in response to the SC&RA in April stating, “the word ‘or’ at the end of (ii) means that a load that meets any one or more of the three definitions shall be considered nondivisible.”

According to an article posted to the SC&RA’s website, the Federal Definition 23 CFR 658.5 – Nondivisible means any load or vehicle exceeding applicable length or weight limits which, if separated into smaller loads or vehicles, would:

(i) compromise the intended use of the vehicle, i.e., make it unable to perform the function for which it was intended:
(ii) Destroy the value of the load or vehicle, i.e., make it unusable for its intended purpose; or
(iii) Require more than 8 workhours to dismantle using appropriate equipment.

In regards to iii, this means loads can be defined as “nondivisible” if the removal of the objects will make the load unable to perform the function and/or unusable. 

SC&RA is working to send the response to all states to develop uniformity.  

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