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NC Declares State of Emergency, Limited Extension

NC Declares State of Emergency, Limited Extension

North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper has issued a state of emergency (Executive Order No. 52) and temporary suspension of motor vehicle regulations to ensure restoration of utility services and transporting essentials due to the potential impacts from Hurricane Florence. NC Declares State of Emergency, Limited Extension

The executive order allows for certain size and weight restrictions and penalties to be waived, however does not waive certain oversize load requirements including oversize load banner and oversize load flag requirements. 

The state foresees that the potential impacts from Hurricane Florence will require the transportation of vehicles bearing equipment and supplies for utility restoration and debris removal, carrying essentials such as food and medicine, transporting livestock and poultry and feed for livestock and poultry, and transporting poultry and crops ready to be harvested through North Carolina highways.

Specifically pertaining to oversize load transport, the executive order, says the DPS (Department of Public Safety), in conjunction with the DOT (Department of Transportation), shall waive certain size and weight restrictions and penalties arising under N.C. Gen. State. 20-116, 20-118 and 20-119. And the DPS shall temporarily suspend weighing vehicles used to transport livestock, poultry or crops ready to be harvested and feed to livestock and poultry in the emergency area.

However, size and weight restrictions and penalties, and oversize load restrictions, have not been waived under the following conditions:

  • When the vehicle weight exceeds the maximum gross weight criteria established by the manufacturer (GVWR) or 90,000 pounds gross weight, whichever is less.
  • When the tandem axle weight exceeds 42,000 pounds and the single axle weight exceeds 22,000 pounds.
  • When a vehicle and vehicle combination exceed twelve (12) feet in width and the total, overall vehicle combination’s length exceeds seventy-five (75) feet from bumper to bumper.
  • Vehicles and vehicle combinations subject to exemptions or permits by authority of this Executive Order shall not be exempt from the requirement having (1) a yellow banner on the front and rear that is seven (7) feet long and eighteen (18) inches wide and bears the legend “Oversize Load” in ten (10) inch black letters 1.5 inches wide and two (2) red flags measuring eighteen (18) inches square on all sides at the widest point of the load. In addition, when operating between sunset and sunrise, a certified escort shall be required for loads exceeding eight (8) feet, six (6) inches in width. 

Additionally, oversize load vehicles will be exempt from paying the $50 trip permit fee while the order is in place.

Read the full executive order here.

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