Labor Day Oversize Load Travel Restrictions

Oversize load travel restrictions and department of transportation (DOT) oversize permit office closures are available for truck drivers and dispatchers to plan ahead for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Labor Day Oversize Load Travel Restrictions

The 2018 Labor Day holiday falls on Monday, September 3, and every DOT oversize permit office is closed in observance of the holiday. Some states have posted oversize travel restrictions as early as Wednesday, August 29 although most run through the holiday weekend from Friday, August 31 through Tuesday, September 4. 

Some states note a specific height, width and length for the oversize travel restrictions to apply. For example, Arizona and Florida have oversize travel restrictions for loads over 10′ wide and 14’6″ high, while Arizona restricts at over 12o’ long and Florida at over 80′ long. 

There are also some states which only have oversize load travel restrictions in place for Labor Day – Monday, Sept. 3 with some having specific restrictions for dimensions and some restricting any kind of oversize travel. 

WCS contacts each state to obtain the most accurate holiday closure information, although some states post updates while other states don’t publish or give out oversize travel restrictions until closer to the holiday. Updates will be posted as each state makes them available so it’s important to check back in for updates. 

The 2018 Labor Day oversize travel restrictions and DOT office closures can be viewed online here. 

WCS Permits puts together a list of oversize load travel restrictions and oversize permit office closures by state for every major holiday. 

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