The New York State Thruway Authority proposed a toll rate increase of 45% for all commercial trucks, including oversize and/or overweight loads. NY Thruway toll increase proposed, which could affect oversize loads

Commercial truckers and business owners are opposing the proposed hike, as are New York local and state politicians.

NY State Assemblyman, John Ceretto says the hike may push truckers away.

The proposed increase is still in talks, and the Thruway Authority plans to hold hearings to discuss. At this point, there is no timeline as to when the increase would come into play if it was passed.

Commercial truck drivers and business owners are expected to share their concerns at these public hearings.

Due to the NATO Summit being held in Chicago, all oversize and overweight loads are prohibited on the following expressway and ramps effective May 18 through 22:

      • All roadways from Damen Ave East to Lake Michigan and from 39th Street North to IL-64 (North Ave)
      • 1-90 Chicago: (Kennedy Expressway) I-90 to IL-64 (North Ave)
      • I-94 Chicago: (Kennedy Expressway) I-90 (West Junction) to IL-64
      • I-190 Chicago O’Hare to I-90 buy generic revia online (Kennedy Expressway)

The summit will take place in Chicago May 20-21 and will be hosted by President Barack Obama.

“Notify Chicago,” a service provided by the city of Chicago to notify residents via recorded telephone messages, text messages and/or email alerts on various emergency and non-emergency situations, will be utilized this weekend to further inform the public of traffic delays.

For more information, please visit

A trucker, traveling without oversize permits hit an overpass in Bismarck, North Dakota yesterday on the I-94. Permitless Oil Truck Hits Overpass

According to North Dakota Highway Patrol, a caravan of three oil field trucks were traveling to Kansas when the first truck hit the 80th Street Overpass just after getting on the I-94 at exit 160.

All three trucks were 16’2″ high and the overpass clearance was 16’1″.

The highway patrol also confirmed none of the drivers had the proper permits, which would have led to them being rerouted to a different highway. They may also be responsible for the overpass damages.

This time the rock won’t set out on a 105-mile journey, but it will be placed and set at the LACMA for museum goers to see this summer.

As the season draws near, artist Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass, which consists of the 340-ton boulder transported from Riverside County to LA last month, and a 456-foot-long slot constructed at LACMA is getting ready for all to see. LACMA visitors will walk along the slot, which descends to fifteen feet deep, taking them underneath the rock before ascending back.

Heizer conceived the artwork in 1968, but it took him some time to find the right rock, and took over two years to transport it.

WCS Permits and sister company, Right of Way Inc. worked with the boulder’s transporter, Emmert International to take the rock on an eleven night journey so it could safely travel on streets at very slow speeds.

WCS and Right of Way worked tirelessly with various agencies to obtain permits and close down various streets while the load was in transport.

After an 11-day journey, the 340-ton boulder, AKA “The Rock” reached its new home at LACMA just before 6 a.m.

Hundreds lined up to chant, “We Will Rock You,” and cheer on the arrival of the 200-plus foot transporter carrying the Levitated Mass.

The final night of the move passed Exposition Park and the USC Campus on its way to the museum.

WCS Permits and sister company, Right of Way Inc. have been working with the boulder’s transporter, the museum and several jurisdiction for several years to move the boulder.

The rock will become part of earth artist Michael Heizer’s
Levitated Mass at LACMA, which is projected to open in late 2012.

After being set back on Wednesday night due to unforeseen difficulties, the transporter and team made it to its LA destination last night where it waits for the final night of transport.

At some point between 10 and 11 p.m., the load will leave Figuerora (where it’s parked now, north of Florence Ave) and will pass Exposition Park and USC, then turn left onto West Adams Blvd where it will cross Hoover, Vermont and Normandie. From there, a right on Western Avenue and then a final left turn on Wilshire.

LACMA is projecting the load will arrive at the museum sometime between 2 and 6 a.m., leaving a large window as the unexpected can happen with a load this size.

The museum will not be open at the time of arrival, however those who want to see it get there can from Wilshire. Parking is available in LACMA’s lot or at the Peterson Museum. There may be a charge for parking.

Levitated Mass set out on its journey February 28 when it left Riverside County amongst cheering supporters.

For more informatio on tonight’s viewing of the load and for further map details, please visit LACMA’s map and information page.

Due to some unforeseen difficulties, the Rock came up short last night.
It was projected to make it to its nightly resting spot, however it is still sitting on Avalon Blvd in the City of Carson.
Transport operators, traffic control coordinators, and others involved in moving the 340-ton boulder, expect to make up the time during tonight’s movement so The Rock makes it to its Los Angeles destination.