WCS Welcomes New Hire, Jeanette Duncan

Jeanette Duncan is a newly hired transportation consultant at WCS Permits & Pilot Cars. She will work closely with WCS customers to write and obtain permits while meeting each load’s unique challenges. Learn more about Jeanette in the Q&A below!

WCS Welcomes New Hire, Jeanette Duncan

What is your background & experience in the oversize load industry?   

I worked for the State of Virginia for six years. At the time, the state had an open position and it took off from there. Initially I was a contractor and that transitioned into a full-time position issuing permits. After a year as a full-time employee, I started training other employees on permits. After two years, I was mostly doing superloads. As I became more experienced, I also became the overall go-to person for everyone at VDOT, including management, for superloads and permits.  

What led you into this field of work?

I was at a time where I was looking for a new position and entering the oversize transport industry allowed me to learn more about geography here in the U.S. I loved learning about all the new places based on where someone was delivering a load.

What do you do for WCS Permits & Pilot Cars?

As a Permit Writer (Transportation Consultant) I will be working with customers and state agencies to help route and obtain permits for oversize loads and down the road, superloads.  

What are you most looking forward to in your career with WCS?

I love a challenge and while some routes can be repetitive, there will always be those loads where there is an issue in a route which you have to work through. I also love all the detail that goes into coordinating and moving large loads. So, I’m excited to work through these challenges and unique projects with new people and I hope to take on more challenges like working with the superload department.

How do you spend your time when you are not writing permits?

I am a big family person. Together, my husband and I have 4 kids and we are going on 10 grandkids. We love going to our grandkids’ baseball games, the beach and amusement parks. Sometimes on my lunch break, I go outside and throw the ball around with the grandkids.