WCS Helps NASA Move Shipping Container

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WCS Helps NASA Move Shipping Container

And that’s exactly what Team WCS did for a specialized spacecraft container transport to JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in Pasadena, CA this summer to ensure the load could safely move and navigate turns.

Before the container could travel through Southern California to its final destination at JPL, WCS used specialized software to provide an in-depth Swept Path Analysis for the spacefcraft container haul.

In addition to the analysis, WCS handled advanced route planning, surveying, permitting, traffic control (with the help of WCS’ sister company, Right of Way Inc.) and pilot cars for the 18’6″ tall, 17’6″ wide load.

What is a Swept Path Analysis?

A vehicle swept path analysis is the use of professional software to show vehicle turn simulation.

In utilizing the dimensional data provided to WCS for the trailer, combined with some default assumptions about dimensional data for the truck and the positioning of the load on the trailer, this Swept Path Analysis for JPL indicated that the truck, trailer and load were capable of navigating specific turns on the proposed route.

WCS engineers used their own professional software to analyze turning radiuses to ensure clearance, creating a report and simulation of the load transport. WCS’ sister company, Right of Way Inc., also utilizes similar software for traffic control projects across Southern California.

An in-depth, four-page report was generated which included details about the data and dimensions used in this analysis for the truck, trailer, and the load as well as an illustration and simulation of the physical limits of the load as it navigates any turns in question.

The illustration shows maximum physical limits of any truck, trailer or load overhang and the video simulation demonstrates an overhead view of the load in motion as it traces out these overhang and track limits.

Safely Delivered

With the swept path analysis, logistics consulting, permitting and pilot cars provided by WCS, the container was safely transported and delivered to JPL.