WCS CEO, Wes Mollno, Featured in American Cranes & Transport

The July 2020 issue of American Cranes & Transport Magazine includes an in-depth Q&A with WCS Permits & Pilot Cars’ CEO & President, Wes Mollno.

WCS CEO, Wes Mollno, Featured in American Cranes & Transport

The two-page spread in the Business News section highlights Mollno’s impact on the specialized transport industry.

Mollno shares how he has remained inspired since he started WCS in 1998, and how he overcomes change in the industry, including challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Futhermore, Mollno goes into detail about the technology the company has developed over the years. WCS has published several apps including the Permit Portal app for instant text notifications when permits are available, as well as an online permit manual and oversize fee calculator called the Oversize Load Assistant, and an online permit portal for complete permit account management and online ordering.

“We work hard to develop tools that make it easier for our customers to do business,” said Mollno in the article. “When you do something that makes a job easier for someone, they’re going to tell their friends about it.”

The interview sums up in referencing WCS Permits as a one-stop shop in the industry. The company’s online equipment sales of oversize load products, coupled with the tools and technology they put at the fingertips of their clients in addition to oversize load permits, pilot cars and trip & fuel permits, is what Mollno believes makes WCS an all-inclusive service to the trucking industry.

Read the full interview titled, “A visionary,” in the July digital issue (page 16-17) of AC&T Mag.