TX Increases Self Issue Oversize Permit Limit

On December 11, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) upgraded the Texas Permitting and Routing System (TxPROS), which included an increase in the self-issue limit. TX Increases Self Issue Limit

The system – TxPROS – allows the self issue of certain permits when the overall size and weight of the load are within specific self-issue limits. The most significant change is the increase in the self issue weight limit from 199,999 to 254,300. 

The overall self-issue dimensions now are:

  • 20-feet wide
  • 18-feet, 11-inches high
  • 125-feet long
  • 254,300 pounds gross weight

The changes apply to cranes as well. Mileage permits for cranes and well servicing units that fall within the dimensions above can also be self-issued. 

The TxPROS system allows for weight certification documents to be uploaded for loads which exceed 200,000 pounds gross weight. 

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