The Different Types of Transportation Permits

What are the different types of transportation permits? Here they are broken down with requirements and guidelines that apply to each.

The Different Types of Transportation Permits

Single Trip Oversize/Overweight Permits

Single Trip permits are required when the overall dimensions of a load exceed the state guidelines.

You may need a Single Trip permit if:

  • Overall weight exceeds 80,000 lbs.
  • Overall height exceeds 13’6” **14’0” in some states
  • Overall length exceeds 65’
  • Overall width exceeds 8’6”
  • Overall length and overhang varies per state. Please check with one of our specialists for details.

Single Trip Oversize/Overweight City and County Permits

City and County permits are often required if you are starting or ending in a local jurisdiction and traveling on local roads such as city streets or county routes. Overall, more local jurisdictions are requiring permits as they become more versed in the oversize transport industry and understand the legalities and liabilities that came along with specialized transport. WCS has an extensive library of resources to obtain local permits in many cities and counties in the United States and Canada.

Superload Permits

An oversized load is considered a superload when the dimensions and weights exceed the standard issued permit limitations. Dimensions and weights vary per state.

WCS Permits is an industry leader for all of your superload needs. Our specialists will assist you with all superload support including route planning, price quoting, Utility Clearance Approvals, Route Surveys, Pilot Car and Pole Car services, Shipper’s Letters, Vehicle Drawings, Construction Notification Approvals, Engineering Survey referrals, and Bucket Truck referrals to obtain state approvals for travel. In many cases, permitting a superload requires state police to accompany the load. Requirements vary per state so please contact a specialist today to start planning your move!

Trip and Fuel Permits

A temporary “trip” permit is also known as an IRP (International Registration Plan) Permit which is issued as a temporary vehicle registration for the out-of-state travel of a commercial vehicle not registered in a specific state or states.  

Temporary fuel permits are required for commercial vehicles that do not have valid IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) credentials for their intended states of travel. The fuel tax agreement covers the US and Canada and requires the commercial vehicle to pay taxes on the distance traveled in each state or province.

Trip and Fuel permits may also be required if your power unit has:

  • 2 axles and a gross weight over 26,000 lbs.
  • 3 or more axles (any weight)

Our specialists can acquire temporary trip and fuel permits throughout the United States and Canada. Call us now to order!

Annual Oversize/Overweight Permits

An annual permit also referred to as a “blanket” permit can be issued to a commercial vehicle for a 12 month/one-year period. Annual permits usually have strict guidelines and size/weight limitations that vary per state. Some states also offer 30, 60, and 90 day permits as well as quarterly permits depending on the commodity you are hauling. WCS offers a service to advise when annuals are coming up for renewal. Please contact our specialists for more information today!