Peace Bridge OS/OW Construction Restrictions

Beginning Monday, Oct. 15, the Peace Bridge center lane will be closed to complete the final phase of the Peace Bridge Rehabilitation project and oversize and overweight vehicles will be prohibited from crossing. Peace Bridge OS/OW Construction Restrictions

The construction is expected to conclude on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, and for the 7 month period, no oversize or overweight vehicles will be allowed on the bridge. That means any vehicles operating under overwidth or overweight permits will not be able to access the bridge in either direction. Vehicles that are 11′ wide or over, 15’6″ tall, over 130,000 pounds or over 60′ long require oversize load permits. 

Any vehicles meeting normal Ontario Highway Traffic Act or New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) size and weight limits will not be affected.

The Peace Bridge is an international bridge between Canada and the United States at the east end of Lake Erie at the source of the Niagara River, about 20 kilometers upriver of Niagara Falls. It connects Buffalo, New York, in the United States to Fort Erie, Ontario, in Canada. The bridge is owned and operatred by the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority, and has been since 1933. 

Although the Peace Bridge has been undergoing construction for years, with the upcoming period being the final phase, all three lanes of the bridge were open during the past Summer to accomodate more travelers. At that time, oversize and overweight vehicles were allowed to travel.  

The $100 million rehabilitation project will complete once this last phase of construction is over in may. 

For More Information

For more information on the upcoming construction, contact the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission online or by phone at 905-354-5641, ext. 4161 or at 716-285-6322, ext. 4161. 

WCS Permits Can Help

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars works closely with the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission and the New York DOT and will advise customers during this period. The alternative route to help vehicles cross the Niagara River is via the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge. 

As always, everyone here at WCS Permits & Pilot Cars is ready to help you! If you have any questions, please feel to Contact Us Online now or call us at (888) 737-6483 to reach our customer service department. One of our experienced transportation agents can help you with any needs and questions that you may have or direct you to the expert who can.