Limited Travel & Waivers Issued for Hurricane Dorian

More states have issued waivers for for carriers transporting essential emergency relief supplies during Hurricane Dorian, while others have oversize travel restrictions or have published an executive order which hours of service are waived.

Limited Travel & Waivers Issued for Hurricane Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian strengthened back to a category 3 with about 105 miles south of Charleston, South Carolina, and was moving north-northwest late Wednesday, several states have issued official waivers and/or executive order, with some states issuing “disaster relief” permits.

Additionally, there are some oversize load travel restrictions in place.

Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis  issued an emergency declaration ahead of Hurricane Dorian, which temporarily suspending hours of service regulations for truck drivers providing direct assistance in the aftermath of the storm.

As long as the declaration is active, truckers engaged in specific aspects of emergency relief, including direct assistance for the immediate restoration of essential services (electrical, sewer, water and telecommunications) or essential supplies (food, water, medical supplies and fuel), are exempt from hours of service regulations.

The declaration is effective through Oct. 28 unless it is extended or canceled.


In Georgia, a “Disaster Relief” permit is available for $38.00, and can be used for divisible loads as well, but must be under the following dimensions; 10’0 wide, 13’6 height, 100’0 long and 95,000 GVW. 

Currently, I-95 NB travel only and I-16 coastal WB travel only.  

North Carolina

Governor Cooper has declared a State of Emergency for NC and issued Executive Order No. 100. The Governor has directed the Department of Public Safety to temporarily suspend weighing those vehicles used to transport livestock, poultry or crops ready to be harvested.  The Governor has also declared that the maximum hours of service for drivers should be waived. 

South Carolina

South Carolina has issued an executive order due to Hurricane Dorian.


Virginia released a waiver for carriers transporting essential emergency relief supplies or providing emergency restoration of infrastructure services, during which weight exemptions are not valid on posted structures for restricted weight.