Interstate 29 is CLOSED in Missouri
Due to flash flooding, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) announced the full closure of I-29 until further notice.
The full closure of I-29 is in place at: Interstate 29 is CLOSED in Missouri
Between the Iowa border and Exit 56 (US 71 & 59) at St. Joseph.
The duration of this flood event is unknown, but will last through the night.
The Iowa Department of Transportation issued a news release reporting the closure of I-29 in two locations:
Between Exits 61 and 71 (I-680 at Crescent and Loveland)
Between Exit 35 (US 34) and the Missouri border
Those who would normally use I-29 as a through route should instead use:
I-35 N from Kansas City to
I-80 West in Des Moines to
I-29 at Sioux City, South Dakota
US 71 into Iowa
and vice-versa until further notice.
MoDOT says DO NOT follow local traffic past the closure point at US 71 as there are no good alternative trucking routes north of US 71 – especially to points west. Flooding is widespread.
This detour is subject to change with little notice, so please check your route before traveling.
Travelers already on I-29 North
Drivers who join I-29 north of Kansas City can take US 71 North of St. Joseph and connect to I-35 via multiple connecting highways. Refer to the Traveler Information Map for up to date travel information.
Please do not assume that a highway that is clear of flooding in Missouri will be clear in Iowa, Kansas or Nebraska. Check other states’ routes as well as Missouri’s.
Find road conditions information for all of Missouri’s bordering states at
Find the locations of Missouri highway closures using the MoDOT Traveler Information Map at

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