Fuselage Loads Moved to Chicago O'Hare for Fire Training

The WCS Permitting team worked hard to help a customer transport the fuselage of an A380 from Addington, VA to Chicago O’Hare International Airport, where the plane will be used as a simulator for fire training. Fuselage Loads Moved to Chicago O'Hare for Fire Training

It took several loads to transport the different pieces of the fuselage – baggage storage area, economy class section, first class section and the cockpit. Two more loads transporting the engines will make its way soon to Chicago O’Hare.

Three of the four loads had similar oversize dimensions, and those were the loads transporting the main body of the fuselage. Those loaded dimensions were:

  • 100′ long, 21-5 wide, 13-6 high, 150,000 pounds on 8 axles
  • 100′ long, 21-2 wide, 13-6 high, 132,000 pounds on 8 axles
  • 100′ long, 16-11 wide, 13-6 high, 132,000 pounds on 8 axles

The nose/cone (cockpit) had loaded dimensions of 79′ long, 14-6 wide, 14-1 high, and was legal weight. 

The fuselage will be pieced back together once all loads have arrived and will be used as a simulator for live fire fighting training at the airport. The carrier will be delivering the engines soon, which were 9-6 wide loaded. 

WCS Permits worked with the carrier for weeks to permit each of the loads so they could safely make the 500 mile trip. 

9-6 wide airplane engines


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