WCS Pilot Car Manager Featured in AC&T Magazine Article

WCS Permits’ Pilot Car Manager, Valerie Daniel, was WCS Pilot Car Manager Featured in AC&T Magazine Articlefeatured in the February 2019 issue of American Cranes & Transport (AC&T) Magazine. 

This is the second year WCS and Daniel were asked to give their expertise on pilot car market demands and certification, among other industry leaders. 

The AC&T article, “A crucial transportation tool” included Daniel’s take on market trends and challenges. 

Daniel talked about the current state of the pilot car market as well as its challenges. Daniel and WCS Permit colleagues believe the varying state regulations for pilot cars is a big challenge and the need for national certification is extremely important. 

Daniel also gave advice to anyone planning a cross-country transportation in regards to pilot cars. 

“Unless a company has extensive knowledge of oversize rules and regulations, getting professional assistance is the key,” said Daniel.

She also noted any company wishing to do the research on rules and regulations themselves can refer to the Oversize Load Assistant, which is an interactive database with info detailed info on pilot car requirements per state. 


Daniel is WCS’ Pilot Car Division Manager and oversees the company’s East Coast pilot car dispatch operation as well as other aspects of the business, including pilot certification and equipment checking for all pilots in the company’s network.

WCS Permits & Pilot Cars has a large network of over 5,000 pilot car companies and drivers, and dedicated East Coast and West Coast pilot car divisions to keep loads moving across the U.S. and Canada. Daniel also works to ensure the pilot car division is up-to-date with requirements in all 50 U.S. states and Canada, including transportation time restrictions, national holiday closures, road closures, and areas where weekend travel is prohibited.