Operational Closure of Long Beach Oversize Load Route

As of Saturday, March 9 the Port of Long Beach (POLB) will close 9th Street where it crosses the railroad tracks near Pico Avenue, Pier B.

This is an operational closure and the port will allow certain oversize trucks with special permits to cross over the railroad tracks at certain times.WCS Permits & Pilot Cars is keeping up to date with this closure and specifics pertaining to oversize load travel. 

The Port of Long Beach (POLB) announced their plans to close the oversize load route, which is critical for transporting large loads to and from the Long Beach Port, in late 2018. POLB held several status meetings open to the public, where some were were rallying to halt the closure in October and December. Operational Closure of Long Beach Oversize Load Route

During the meetings POLB made it clear that once closed the roadway will not reopen except for oversize trucks that have prescheduled access and are accompanied by CHP escort. 

Furthermore, the fact sheet noted that keeping the 9th street at-grade railroad crossing open to vehicle traffic hampers railroad operations. The closure is expected to allow for the construction of two additional rail lines along Pico Avenue.

WCS Permits Can Help

WCS Permits’ experienced transportation agents are keeping up-to-date with the permits required and routing to continue to help oversize load customers traverse the crossing. For more info, contact us at 888.737.6483.