FL Permit Office Closed as Storm Preparations Continue

The state of Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) permit office is closed until at least Friday, Oct. 12 after Hurricane Michael made landfall Wednesday.  FL Permit Office Closed as Storm Preparations Continue

The category 4 storm hit the Florida coastline late Wednesday just after 1 p.m. with more heavy rain, high winds and debris expected for days to come.

A state of emergency has been issued for North Carolina, Florida and Alabama. In North Carolina, strong winds are expected for 36 hours with the heaviest rain expected late Thursday morning. Since Monday, all three states have had some level of power outages, wind damage and debris from high winds and heavy rain. 

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey have issued an emergency declaration which will allow truck drivers providing direct assistance to storm-affected areas to operate outside of normal hours of service regulations during the transportation of goods, supplies and services in the aftermath of the storm. 

The emergency declaration further authorizes the state to help respond to the storm and prevents price gouging in areas requesting goods and other assistance. 

Restrictions on heavy vehicles, including trucks, are also waived while the declaration is in place.  

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