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Conn. DOT Increases Over-Dimensional Permit Allowances

Conn. DOT Increases Over-Dimensional Permit Allowances

The Connecticut Department of Transportation announced a change in some of the restrictions that have affected travel times for various permitted loads. Conn. DOT Increases Over-Dimensional Permit Allowances

The state DOT notice included the following: 

Effective July 1, 2018, weight-based permits for indivisible loads up to 160,000 lbs. on the appropriate number of axles (up to 14′ wide) will now be considered for permits, Monday through Friday, along the entire I-95 corridor, with the following exceptions: 1. The Gold Star bridges are still restricted to legal weight only; 2. No change to divisible load movements (not permitted from New York line to Exit 18); and 3. No change to self-propelled crane (or similar vehicle) travel.

Also effective, July 1, 2018, indivisible loads that, due to their excessive dimensions, had previously been restricted to Tuesday through Thursday travel (loads 13′-6″ or wider, loads over 14′ high, or loads 120′ long and above) will now be allowed to obtain permits for travel Monday through Friday. Travel times are limited to the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This will confirm that the department’s pilot program for weekend travel of indivisible loads will be continued. Indivisible loads that are legal height, 12′ wide or less, 80′ long or less, and weigh less than 160,000 lbs. may travel on Saturday and Sunday from 30 minutes before sunrise to noon.
As always, the department reserves the right to limit/prohibit travel on any particular route based on adverse roadway or traffic conditions that result from highway construction/maintenance work, known geometric conditions, time-of-day travel, and known bottleneck areas.