Download for the Road!

WCS’ Permit Attachments application gives you access to permit attachments and provisions by state no matter where you are. And now there’s an update to the app which includes city and county oversize load permit provisions and attachments. 

For years, WCS offered permit attachments by US state and Canadian province on our website, including oversize load permit provisions and rules and regulations, we wanted there to be a simpler and quicker way for oversize load drivers and dispatchers to access the attachments, especially while on the road.

So in 2011, we published the first version of our Permit Attachments app. We initially made it available for iPhone and Android and shortly after that we published the iPad version.

What makes our app so unique is our commitment to continually updating each state, city and county and every Canadian Province’s attachments so our technology is dependable and the most up-to-date. Over the last five years, we have released several updates and have corrected any bugs, while taking user feedback into consideration.

We have both an iPhone, iPad and Android app for each version – the app with just state permit accompaniments and the app with state and city and county permit accompaniments. 

Download either version now – available on the App Store and Google Play Marketplace.