Frequently Asked Questions

How many Transportation Consultants does WCS Permits have on staff?

WCS Permits has 60 highly experienced transportation consultants ready to help with your oversize, superload and trip and fuel permit needs. 

How do you order permits?

You can contact one of our five offices to order permits. Click here to view our contact page for office phone numbers and hours. Once you are set up as a customer in our system, you can order your permits through our online permit portal. 

Do any Transportation Consultants Speak Spanish?

Yes, our Los Angeles, CA office has bi-lingual transportation consultants ready to help. Call one now at 888-737-6488.

How many offices does WCS Permits have?

WCS has five offices throughout the US; Los Angeles, Columbus, OH, Albany, NY, Nashville, TN and Zanesville, OH. Click here to contact one of our offices.

Besides permits, what other services does WCS offer?