WCS moves 550,500-pound compressor Skid

WCS Permits is known for working with carriers in moving unique oversize and superloads.

The recent work to permit and move a load transporting a compressor skid is no different. Although other loads have topped the charts as far as dimensions and weight, this isn’t too far behind with a loaded length of 209.2-feet.

WCS worked with carrier, Perkins Specialized Transportation Inc. to permit the 18-feet wide, 14.2-feet tall and 550,500-pound load from Jeanette, PA to Geismar, LA.

It traveled on a 19-axel trailer to make the 1,000-mile plus trip.


WCS Rocks in 'Levitated Mass' documentary

It should come as no surprise that the transport of a 340-ton boulder on a 105-mile journey through four counties and 22 cities would be documented.

But for many, the question of ‘why?’ wasn’t quite clear. Until now. Levitated Mass documentary highlights LA Film Fest

Director, Doug Pray, highlighted the 11-day journey in his documentary, “Levitated Mass: The Story of Michael Heizer’s Monolithic Sculpture” opening the eyes of many as to the significance of the rock transported from Riverside County to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The film was screened at LACMA’s Bing Theater as part of the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival.

WCS Permits, and sister company, Right of Way Inc., worked for years alongside government agencies and the boulder’s carrier, Emmert International, to make the move happen.

The 88-minute film portrayed the trials and tribulations in achieving each of the 22 cities’ approval to move the load, highlighting meetings, paperwork and long hours.

Loaded dimensions of over 21-feet tall, 31-feet wide and 275-feet long meant no freeway travel, and surface street routing only.

Right of Way provided street closures before, during and after moves. The load cheap revia online would sit after each night’s journey in a designated area until the next night of travel.

Finally, all those involved met their goal — a safe transport to LACMA in February of last year.

WCS President, Wes Mollno, had a significant impact on the documentary. Several clips of Mollno’s interview with Pray explaining the permitting process made the film. Without WCS’ efforts in obtaining city and government agency approval, the boulder would have never left Riverside County.

Pray took the documentary a step further by not only explaining the duties in moving “The Rock,” but providing insight into the artist’s vision.

Heizer imagined this sculpture in the late 60’s, and waited patiently until the perfect rock was found.

A part of the film was dedicated to the process behind displaying the boulder at the museum to complete the ‘Levitated Mass’ exhibit.

Today marks the one year anniversary of the exhibit’s opening where museum visitors can walk a 456-feet stretch, 15-feet under the 340-ton granite megalith.

According to Pray, the documentary has not yet been picked up by any networks.



Empty reactor superload moved from CA to AZ

WCS Permits worked with heavy haul transportation company, Emmert International to move a 502,000-pound empty reactor last weekend.

The 19-10 high, 18-foot wide and 200-foot long superload started in Oxnard, CA and made it successfully to the AZ border on Sunday, May 5.

WCS Permits works with many heavy haul transportation, crane and logistics companies to permit superloads.

Recent jobs also include the transportation of 125-foot long hot shift converter and a 426,000-pound evaporator vessel.




Stator Rotor successfully moved off freeway

The stator rotor which was being transported during a crash on the 22 and 405-freeway connector was finally removed from the freeway.

The accident, which occurred last Friday, March 15, resulted in immediate closures on I-405, with a second series of closures to remove the load Monday night into Tuesday morning.

One lane was closed on I-405 between I-605 and Studebaker Rd. late Monday through Tuesday.

The Seventh Street on-ramp to the northbound 605 and 405 freeways was closed Friday after a 210,000-pound (363, 250 loaded) oversize load carrying a rotor fell off a big rig damaging the road, guardrail and bridge. As a result, the Long Beach/Seal Beach borderline ramp will be closed indefinitely to oversize load travel.

WCS Permits worked closely with CHP, Caltrans and cities surrounding the incident to quickly ensure the proper permits to move the damaged rotor onto a dual-lane trailer and off the freeway. To permit such a trailer to the rotor, and its transport back to the City of Compton following usually takes weeks, however WCS obtained all necessary permits in four days.

The trailer was 18’1″ wide, and required a CHP escort, which WCS was involved in coordinating.

An inspection of the bridge is said to happen in the near future.


WCS launches Permit Attachment App

WCS Permits has released its Permit Attachment App.

The mobile application was officially released last week, but after updates, the version 1.2 update is anticipated this week by both iOS and Android.

The Permit Attachment App serves as one place for users such as drivers, dispatchers and operators requiring oversize load permits to download permit attachments by state.

Additionally, drivers and dispatchers, can access Canadian permit conditions by provinces.

Looking ahead, a future cheap revia update to  both iOS and Android versions will allow app users to access relevant city and county attachments and provisions.

Not only are the attachments available via the app for quick reference from a mobile device, but they can be shared via email and printed.

The application can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store for Droid users.

Download here.


Lincoln’s Birthday & President’s Day travel restrictions

Travel Restrictions & DOT office closures by state are posted for the upcoming holidays.

Lincoln’s Birthday is Feb. 12, 2013 and President’s Day is Feb. 18, 2013.

Click here for all information regarding state closures and travel restrictions.

Don’t forget to check holiday restrictions on all state blankets or annual permits.


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MLK DOT Office Closures & Travel Restrictions

WCS Permits published DOT offices closures by state and travel restrictions for the upcoming Martin Luther King Day Holiday.

On Monday, January 21, 2013 some offices will close and others will implement travel restrictions during certain times and for certain oversize loads.

Get all the details here. Don’t forget to check holiday restrictions on all state blankets or annual permits.



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Christmas & New Year’s Day Holiday Closures

WCS has posted DOT office closure & travel restrictions for the upcoming holidays.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 (Christmas Day) and Tuesday, January 1, 2013 (New Year’s Day) office closures and restrictions by state are posted live on the site. View them here.

Drivers and companies should always check holiday restrictions on all state blankets and annual permits.


120 mm Gun Barrel transported to Fort Cronkhite

WCS coordinated the permits and transportation of a 16-inch, 120 mm naval gun from Nevada to Fort Cronkhite near San Francisco early this month.

The gun barrel, 68-feet long and 120-tons, with loaded dimensions of 14-feet high, 16-feet wide and 155-feet long was once used during World War II.

WCS worked closely with Bigge Crane & Rigging and several agencies such as Caltrans to move the barrel on a custom, 10-axel transport trailer.

Moved from Nevada, the gun is being displayed outside Batter Townsley, which was a US harbor defense site during WWII and in preserving the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.



WCS preps to move third of four 400-foot loads

In 2011, WCS coordinated all permits and road closures for the heaviest loads on record in California. The third of four total loads, again hauling an old steamed generator, will soon move from San Onofre to Utah.  

While the load weighs approximately 1.6 million ponds and is 16’9 tall, 20-feet wide and 400-feet long, it is no longer the heaviest load to travel in California.

In March of this year, WCS coordinated all permits, road closures and traffic and pedestrian control for the movement of “The Rock,” a 340-ton boulder transported from Riverside County to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where it is now part of Michael Heizer’s ‘Levitated Mass’ exhibit.

The old steamed generator is expected to move in November of this year, and will travel at low speeds on surface streets during the night.