It’s the End of the Road for Levitated Mass

After being set back on Wednesday night due to unforeseen difficulties, the transporter and team made it to its LA destination last night where it waits for the final night of transport.

At some point between 10 and 11 p.m., the load will leave Figuerora (where it’s parked now, north of Florence Ave) and will pass Exposition Park and USC, then turn left onto West Adams Blvd where it will cross Hoover, Vermont and Normandie. From there, a right on Western Avenue and then a final left turn on Wilshire.

LACMA is projecting the load will arrive at the museum sometime between 2 and 6 a.m., leaving a large window as the unexpected can happen with a load this size.

The museum will not be open at the time of arrival, however those who want to see it get there can from Wilshire. Parking is available in LACMA’s lot or at the Peterson Museum. There may be a charge for parking.

Levitated Mass set out on its journey February 28 when it left Riverside County amongst cheering supporters.

For more informatio on tonight’s viewing of the load and for further map details, please visit LACMA’s map and information page.


The Rock comes up Short

Due to some unforeseen difficulties, the Rock came up short last night.
It was projected to make it to its nightly resting spot, however it is still sitting on Avalon Blvd in the City of Carson.
Transport operators, traffic control coordinators, and others involved in moving the 340-ton boulder, expect to make up the time during tonight’s movement so The Rock makes it to its Los Angeles destination.