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IN DOT Updates to OD/OW Permitting Effective Now

The Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indiana Department of Revenue have officially made a decision on some changes to their oversize/overweight permitting program effective Monday, July 16, 2018.  The state had proposed some major changes to steer/axle, permit times for loads over 134,000 pounds and bridge fee changes, and after some talks regarding changes […]

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Conn. DOT Increases Over-Dimensional Permit Allowances

The Connecticut Department of Transportation announced a change in some of the restrictions that have affected travel times for various permitted loads.  The state DOT notice included the following:  Effective July 1, 2018, weight-based permits for indivisible loads up to 160,000 lbs. on the appropriate number of axles (up to 14′ wide) will now be […]

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WCS Working with TN After New System Launch

Last week, the Tennessee’s Department of Transportation transitioned from its previous online permit program, and launched a new online system, TNTRIPS after going offline for 6 days.  And with anything new, such as a complex online permit ordering system, new can mean unexpected changes and some hiccups and bugs to work through.  The state reached […]

Independence Day

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Fuselage Loads Moved to Chicago O’Hare for Fire Training

The WCS Permitting team worked hard to help a customer transport the fuselage of an A380 from Addington, VA to Chicago O’Hare International Airport, where the plane will be used as a simulator for fire training.  It took several loads to transport the different pieces of the fuselage – baggage storage area, economy class section, […]

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IN Oversize/Overweight Permitting Policy Changes Postponed

The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) confirmed some proposed changes to the state of Indiana’s oversize/overweight permitting policy have been postponed, which the association sees as a positive move for all.  The Indiana Department of Transportation (DOT) released changes to be effective this month (June 2018), but according to the SC&RA they did receive […]

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WCS First to Test New TN Online Permit System

Tennessee’s Department of Transportation’s TOOPS online permit program went offline on 5/24, leaving customers without the ability to obtain an oversize/overweight permit for a period of up to 6 days while the state implements its new oversize load permit system, TNTRIPS.  The state reached out to WCS Permits and its staff to test the new […]


OH State Border Oversize Load Restriction

Ohio state Department of Transportation (DOT) officials released preliminary warnings about an upcoming oversize load travel restriction at the Ohio/Kentucky border on I-275 beginning in June.  Restrictions will be in place beginning June 11 through December 12, 2019.  Entering Ohio from Kentucky will have the following restriction: 10’ wide 75’ overall length 120,000 lbs. Traveling from Ohio […]

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TN to Experience Permit Issuance Outage for 6 Days

Tennessee’s Department of Transportation’s TOOPS online permit program will leave customers without the ability to obtain an oversize/overweight permit for up to 6 days.  The state DOT has a message posted upon logging into the online permitting system, TOOPS, which states:  “Notice Of Extend Permit Issuance Outage Effective at the close of business on 5/24/18 […]